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CryptoPerformance is a crypto blockchain and tech platform run by a team of crypto experts dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the world and greatly expanding the crypto community.


The crypto community is growing too slowly. That was the main reason why CryptoPerformance was born. Another reason is that after many successful ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and the subsequent listing of the coins at the exchanges the respective Coin is strongly neglected by the community. Because everyone is only fixated on the price of the coin, the belief in it is lost. However, as the community continues to grow, so does the price. And rightly so! Because as soon as a coin is listed on different exchanges, the company behind it usually has no further information about the further course. Thus, the most important point is neglected: the expansion of the community by the individual coin owners. Every effort is worth building the community, no matter how big it was at the beginning. But since such a structure requires a lot of time and effort and at this moment still brings no money, it is probably the reason why many are slowly distancing themselves from this task. "After all, you have to make money every day." This is meant to be very short term.

Horst Stäbler Founder of CryptoPerformance
Horst Stäbler
Founder of CP Platform and CPCoin

It is thanks to Horst Stäbler and his ability to build relationships that CryptoPerformance has quickly grown to such a large and steadily increasing number of users and investors. He has developed the basis in over 30 years in the areas of sports marketing and capital education

Horst was a successful Porsche racing driver in Europe for eighteen years recording countless victories during his successful career. Through all of his activities, he draws on an enormous wealth of experience and shares the CryptoPerformance vision with executives from all over the world. He is a born coach and winner with a great passion for global marketing.

Giuseppe Rimola Founder of CryptoPerformance
Giuseppe Rimola
Founder of CP Platform and CPCoin

With an above-average commitment to personal growth and hard work, Giuseppe Rimola motivates others to work just as hard on their personal lives as they do on their company. Giuseppe is partner, leader and motivator for CryptoPerformance. Giuseppe communicates daily with the cooperation partners, programmers and sales partners. He encourages the CryptoPerformance promoters every day and helps them focus on their goals.

Giuseppe has many years of advanced training in the crypto industry. This experience is used for the crypto community. The enormous expertise enables others to get to know this market better and to actively participate, and that is the goal of CryptoPerformance.

Brian Mc Ginty
Marketing Manager -
Fonding Leader
Robert Pauly
Promoter & Sales
Markus Meier
Chief Developer -
Project Manager
Daniele Gianfreda
Movie and Graphic
Daiana Basili
Head of Support –
AML Compliance Officer
Justin Bahle
Support Assistance
Employment Manager


The mission: to promote coins that have a good relevance to the market. Inexperienced crypto-interested parties will be informed in trainings about existing coins, as well as ICOs, which start on the market. Through selected packages with trainings and coins, a new crypto-sympathizer can become familiar with this market. He always has a CryptoPerformance affiliate by his side who knows this market. The affiliate supports the prospective buyer regarding coins, wallets, blockchain etc. This way he earns a reasonable commission and can increase his community. He can build a global team to spread crypto technology around the world.

Goals and Values

Our goal is to create a decentralized world of cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology. For this we want to make a fair contribution. With our values of transparency and honesty we want to make the idea of CryptoPerformance successful.